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When the Science-as-Culture forum was first created it was envisaged that it would be related to this web site where various writings could appear, such as:

articles under consideration for publication in Science as Culture
articles from back issues of the journal
other longer pieces from whatever source which are too long for the forum or of interest to its subscribers

The object of this WWW site is to provide food for thought, to stimulate debate and to obtain constructive criticism for articles. That is, we hope to enhance interesting discussion about the issues which led us to set up the journal and email forum.

Here is how it works. Anyone wishing to submit something to the web site should write to me at robert@rmy1.demon.co.uk, sending the essay, article or whatever by attachment or by email (formatting - italics, indents, spacing, bold, etc. - is retained in attachments, but they don't always get through). I will assess it (taking advice, if I think it relevant to do so) and (very likely) put it on the web site. We will play by ear how long things remain there. Some things may be removed in due course, others may be put on a web 'backlist' and remain available for downloading and/or reading on-line.

People can post comments to the forum, to me or to the author(s).

We welcome comments and suggestions about how to make this work better.

Bob Young
Editor and Forum Moderator
26 Freegrove Rd., London N7 9RQ, England
tel. +44 171 607 8306 fax. +44 171 609 4837
Professor of Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Studies
Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, University of Sheffield


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