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Learning About Leonardo

As part of the ThinkQuest international student contest, Learning About Leonardo was created by my high school students in collaboration with a high school in Sweden to produce a compelling multimedia interdisciplinary web resource.  The project explores the mystery behind the Mona Lisa smile by comparing the theory of Dr. Lillian Schwartz and Rina de Firenze, author of Mystery of the Mona Lisa through scientific inquiry. There are a dozen da Vinci diversions to explore, including listening to Leonardo's original music. The site is accessible to the hearing impaired. The interactive quiz is viewable with any browser. Multilingual musical postcards can be created in one of seventeen languages. There are many multidisciplinary resources in Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Special Education, and Business and Health links which were contributed by teachers. Our site is viewable with any browser. It is part of the Getty Museums' Digital Experience, the Encarta Collection, the Exploratorium and the Weekly Reader.

Steve Feld
John F. Kennedy High School

The HyperMedia Research Centre
Technolinks, University of Durham Science, Technology and Society Programme



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