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The Writings of Professor Robert M. Young

'Exhibiting Nuclear Power: The Science Museum Cover-up' 66k

Les Levidow and I had a most interesting experience. I was invited to review an exhibition about nuclear power at the London Science Museum, and he and I gave a talk about our views at a conference of museum curators (which led to endless trouble for the person who had invited us). This article, which I am told it in regular use at museum courses, is an account of our experience. I am very satisfied with it as my and his best shot at making the Radical Science Collective's views on ideology as a material force in science and technology concrete. Museums are official culture, and it's for sale. This is not as much a scandal now as it was then, but it is still horrid, and we should never lose our indignation about it. The print version has a lot of photographs and other graphics illustrating the exhibit and the argument (and can still be obtained from the address at the bottom of the article). It appeared in Radical Science Collective, eds., No Clear Reason: Nuclear Power Politics, Radical Science 14, pp. 52-79, 1984.


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