Jeffrey Masson and Freud's seduction theory: a new fable based on old myths

by  Allen Esterson

Freud's Seduction Theory

See History of the Human Sciences, volume 11, no. 1, February 1998, pp. 1-21.


One of the most enduring myths of psychoanalytic history is that Freud proposed his seduction theory as a result of hearing frequent reports from his female patients that they had been sexually abused in childhood. A second myth is that in the early days of psychoanalysis, Freud's medical colleagues took such exception to his theories of infantile sexuality that they subjected him to professional ostracism. Jeffrey Masson combined these two myths to produce a compelling and influential account of the seduction theory episode. However, an examination of the contemporary documents indicates that Freud's clinical findings reported in the seduction theory papers were spurious, that he was right to abandon the seduction theory, and that Masson's version of events is erroneous. Please note that the Synopsis cannot cover every detail and for the full argument readers should consult the original article in History of the Human Sciences. [VIEW SYNOPSIS]


Jeffrey Masson supports his version of the seduction theory episode recounted in The Assault on Truth with an account of the prehistory of the theory, followed by a discussion of some related historical events which lend credence to his central thesis. These sections of his book are critically reviewed in this detailed addendum. [VIEW ADDENDUM]


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Table of Contents

1. Prelude
2. The Infantile Seduction Theory
3. Unconscious Phantasies and the Dora Analysis
4. More Case Histories
5. Grusha
6. Fabrications
7. Miscellaneous Items
8. The Oedipus Theory and Female Sexuality
9. Popular Expositions
10. Dreams
11. Theoretical Revisions
12. Techniques of Persuasion
13. The Basic Concepts of Psychoanalysis
14. Final Estimations
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