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pp.gif (632 bytes) Timothy Mason: 'Sex, Status and President Clinton'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Jonathan Rosenhead:  'Complexity Theory and Management Practice'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Michael Shermer: 'Sex, Lies, and Gossip'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Michael Shermer: 'Proof of Evolutionary Psychology's Assumptions'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Norman Levitt: 'Reflections on the Science Wars'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Bernard J. Baars: 'Understanding Subjectivity: Global Workspace Theory and the Resurrection of the Observing Self'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Galen Strawson: 'The Self'
pp.gif (632 bytes) JCS Editors: 'The Future of Consciousness Studies'
pp.gif (632 bytes) David J. Chalmers: 'Facing Up to the Problem of Consciousness'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Daniel C. Dennett: 'Facing Backwards on the Problem of Consciousness'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Jonathan Lear: 'A Counterblast in the War on Freud: The Shrink is In'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Frederick Crews: A Reply to 'A Counterblast in the War on Freud'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Vesna Bonac: 'Perception or Fantasy? A New Clinical Theory of Transference'

Articles From 'Freud Week'

pp.gif (632 bytes) Malcolm Macmillan: 'Freud's Deterministic Assumptions'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Allen Esterson: 'Jeffrey Masson and Freud's Seduction Theory: A New Fable Based on Old Myths'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Allen Esterson: 'Masson's Account of the Prehistory of the Seduction Theory'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Allen Esterson: 'Freud's "Reproduction" of Sexual Scences'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Allen Esterson: 'Unconscious Phantasies'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Bernard X. Bovasso: 'The Burying of Freud and the Quest for Sensual Identity'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Frederick Crews: 'Confessions of a Freud Basher'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Frederick Crews: 'Unconscious Deeps and Empirical Shallows'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Eric Gillett: 'Grünbaum versus Crews'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Eric Gillett: 'Eagle versus Crews'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Jeremy Holmes: 'The Assault on Freud'
pp.gif (632 bytes) Paul Williams: 'Freud-Baiting'
pp.gif (632 bytes) John O'Neil: 'Tallis on Freud' by John O'Neil
pp.gif (632 bytes)  'Freud: Scientist and/or Humanist?' by Robert M. Young
pp.gif (632 bytes)  'Darwin, Marx, Freud and the Foundations of the Human Sciences' by Robert M. Young

Mental Health Bestsellers

Of Two Minds: The Growing Disorder in American Psychiatry
by T. M. Luhrmann

Anthropologist Luhrmann examines how psychiatrists are trained and how they interact with patients in this thoughtful study of the "two minds" of psychiatry: the biomedical approach that sees mental illness as a disease best treated with drugs; and the psychodynamic approach, seeing mental illness in the mind and emotions and treating it through therapy. Read the review in the New York Times


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